Is Organo Gold Coffee a Scam or Opportunity?

Are you considering starting an Organo Gold business?

Before you decide if this is the right company for you to join you should take a good look at the products, and the compensation plan that are offered by Organo Gold coffee.

The most important thing that you should take into consideration upon joining any network marketing company is how you plan to market your company once your warm market has run out.

The reality is that most distributors will fail because they run out of people to market their product to.

From the investigating I have done into many of these MLM companies I have found that the majority of them are legit.

So what’s all the hype about this scam and that scam?

People say that many companies are scams because they have failed to make money with the businesses. This is not to say that the business opportunities were at fault but the people who joined them fail to market them effectively.

Most people are not successful with MLM businesses simply because they have a lack of exposure for their products and services.

How can you be successful and put the odds in your favor?

empower network marketing education



Lets face it if the only people you approach about your business are friends and family you will soon run out of leads for Organo Gold coffee.

Marketing en internet can maximize your audience and increase your profits and once you have the system set up you will have more time to do more important things.  No more cold calling leads or pestering family and friends. Market you product to people who are truly interested in what you have to offer.

So if you are interested in becoming a representative for Organo gold coffee or any other MLM business you will need a marketing plan.

Here is a link to a program that not only provides you with the most current marketing techniques but also has products that pay 100% commissions.

For my three step marketing plan to get you started click here.

Here are a few facts about Organo Gold Coffee to help you decide which direct selling company is the right choice for you.

The Coffee Opportunity

Note: If you’re looking for a legitimate way to earn income online and want to learn how to build a successful internet business, then I STRONGLY recommend you click here to discover all the secrets for successful online business

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage on earth besides water organo gold logowhich makes it a very profitable item. In 2012 Organo Gold made $300 million in revenue and had 350,000 distributors which can tell you how popular coffee really is. Organo Gold is a company that sells coffee and other products that are infused with organic Ganoderma. Ganoderma  lucidum is a mushroom found throughout the United Stated, Europe, South America and Asia. This mushroom is said to have antiallergic, anti-inflamatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and immunostimulating qualities. Quite a list for a little mushroom!

Organo Gold Coffee – The Products

Some of the products offered through Organo Gold are Black Coffee, Gourmet Café Mocha, Gourmet Latte, Hot Chocolate, Green Tea, Nutraceuticals and Beauty items. All of these items have organic Ganoderma in them. The prices for these products vary but I found Green Tea (25 sachets) for $22 and Instant Black Coffee(30 sachets) for $29.99.  Still cheaper than buying a coffee on the way to work.

Organo Gold Coffee – The Business Opportunity

This business opportunity allows you to take advantage of the very lucrative and ever growing industry of health and wellness. In order to join the company you are required to purchase a $49.95 Business Kit which includes sample products. With this sign up fee you also have access to the back office and a replicating website for 1 year. There are 7 ways to earn with this multi level marketing company much like other similar business models. Coffee has a world wide market but how do you access it without harassing you friends and family?

Some Organo Gold Company Benefits;

  • Retail profit paid (daily/weekly)
  • fast track bonus (paid weekly)
  • dual team bonus
  • uni-level and uni-level matching bonus
  • generation leadership bonus
  • global pool

Organo Gold Coffee – The Allegations

There have been several complaints and accusations brought against organo gold coffeeOrgano Gold but as far as I can see the are all regarding medical claims made by the company. As with any health or wellness products the company is not allowed to make any medical claims about their products. You should make you own judgement as to whether these products have any health benefits for you  and you should not take any kind of supplements without consulting your physician especially if you have a pre-existing condition.

Organo Gold Coffee is certainly selling the right product . Coffee and improved health, who could resist? However even if you have the best product in the world you still have to sell it. Selling is not for everyone and it requires hard work and dedication to make any MLM business successful.

Learn and Prosper,

krista mcmillan





Krista McMillan

Note: If you’re looking for a legitimate way to earn income online and want to learn how to build a successful internet business, then I STRONGLY recommend you click here to discover all the secrets for successful online business

47 thoughts on “Is Organo Gold Coffee a Scam or Opportunity?

  1. pls.give more some info about your business. I am a Network builder here in Philippines, Hong kong and some part of Asia.

    Thanks for your reply.

    Ed Cerezo

  2. I was told it cost about 249.00 dollars to sign up is that true or is it 49.95. I have been praying about a home base business–tired of being broke–

    • I am not sure to which business you are referring. If you are interested in Organo Gold, Arbonne, of Usana just click on the links provided in the articles to get in touch with representatives from these companies. The program that I am with applies to all MLM or other online businesses. I can show you how to get leads from the internet. Krista

      • Hi Krista, thanks for this type of forum. I had been a part of many MLM’s and had no positive results from any. I’m sure it may have been, in part, due to the lack of a marketing strategy. Since becoming a part of Organo Gold, I have experience positive results because they have many mareketing tools available. However, we still need people, like you, to still train on how to use the tools properly. Thanks.

      • Hi Mark; If you would like to talk to Sandra please contact her through the link on the post. Krista McMillan

  3. I just joined OG not too long ago, signed up under my friend at this website Organo Gold Malaysia. Been working out well, and the sponsor’s support is very good (got 2 new down-lines in my 1st month!) Internet is really a great tool for leads-generation =)

  4. Krista,

    I appreciate your unbiased and logical approach to the Organo Gold business opportunity. This information assisted me in making an informed decision.

    Thanks — Luis

    • Hi Cornelius;

      There are many ways to market your product on the internet and many tools and techniques that you can use. My suggestion to you is to choose one way of marketing and stick to it. Email marketing, social network marketing, SEO, or paid advertising ect. If you try to implement too many things at once you will get overwhelmed. My specialty is SEO. I have had great results with this method, I am getting 4-5 leads per day with my articles.

      I hope this was helpful, Krista

    • Hi Larie;

      My friend Sandra whos link is on my blog is in the business. She loves the product and has no problem with the company. If you need more information on Organo Gold Coffee contact her as I am not in that business.

      To your success, Krista McMillan

  5. Organo Gold is not a scheme nor a pyramid. It is a great network marketing company. We have a product which is coffee, it is infused with Ganoderma which is known as the king of herbs. The word ‘Ganoderma’ in Anient Greek means ‘ bright shiny skin,’ it was used a lot by kings and emperors. What Organo Gold offers is a great opportunity for you and me to make money. Just like any other business you have to do the work in order to get paid or make money. More than 100 million people drink coffee in the United States and about 30 million people have specialitys for how they drink their coffee. Whether it’s cowboy style (black), cream and sugar, or even mocha for that chocolately taste, people drink coffee. Doesn’t matter if they’re having a long night or waking up early or pulling a long shift at work or school, whatever it is. Do you know what most of them drink? Most of the time it’s coffee, no matter what. If you have never tasted how wonderful and great the coffee is that Organo Gold has to offer, how can ou call it a scheme or pyramid. I love drinking this coffee, it tastes amazing! And I don’t know about you but I never experienced energy before when I use to drink regular coffee, but with the coffee Organo Gold has to offer I have. Now, money isn’t going to fall right into your lap when you do this business. If you failed at anything in this company, it’s NOT Organo Gold’s end of the rope but it’s your end. No business makes money by doing nothing, that’s not how it works. But if you DON’T want to replace your income or be set free from your jobs/careers, PLEASE feel free to stay at them. No one is going to pull your leg, but just so you know mostly all of those ARE pyramids. All I know is if you want to make some money and be a winner please don’t hesitate with this opportunity, we’re making millionaires and you could be one of them. Please visit my website: and join me, see you at the top!

    • I’m not a distributor of Organo Gold Coffee but i do have a friend who’s in the company. Her link is on my site. I hope you have success with your business. Krista McMillan

  6. Hi Krista,
    I’m interested in knowing how you can help me to understand and utilize SEO and how much do you charge for your services? Also, do you help set up websites?

    • Hi Janet;
      Yes I can help you with SEO and you can get started by signing up for the free membership at Internet Income University. There are step by step videos on the site that will introduce to SEO. They also include a free website setup and you get to choose your own domain name. The site is yours and you can modify it any way you want. Send me an email at if you have any questions.

      Krista McMillan

  7. Anyone in France(paris) want to Join give me a call and I will sign you up… Christopher 0033760279067

  8. Hi Krista, I am in Australia and I have just signed up to sell Organo Gold Coffee via MLM. May kindly ask you coach me to succeed i selling and succeeding in this business. Please let me know how I have to pay for this.

  9. I blog frequently and I really appreciate your information.
    The article has truly peaked my interest.
    I am going to book mark your site and keep checking for new information about
    once per week. I opted in for your RSS feed as well.

    • Hi Marcelo;
      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad that you enjoyed the information. I checked out your link, nice lead capture page!

  10. Hi, I have recently joined with Organo Gold Australia and I’ve been using bought leads which is giving me great training with phone calls, but unfortunately some of the leads I’ve called have also had at 4-5 other MLM companies contact them as well. I am also creating a Facebook Fan Page – It’s actually been quite fun learning how to do this.
    The SEO sounds interesting so I’m going to look into that.

    I’m very excited about what’s ahead for me with this company, it’s got a great product that easy to promote. If there is anyone in Australia or New Zealand who would like information please visit my facebook site ‘ogdownunder’ or email me:

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